Best-of-the-Best Awards 2018


Best-Of-The-Best Awards – The Oscars of the whole sector. Open online vote for the best In gastronomy, retail and production at CHEF-SACHE
The team at Port Culinaire announces the seventh edition of this competition. Admittedly, the gastronomic sector already has more than its fair share of awards. But the awards at CHEF-SACHE are something special. They are not awarded by a professional jury or drawn up by an editorial team; the winners are selected by the entire sector.

Stage 2 – Voting For The No. 1
The 10 nominees will be posted on the voting platform on 14 August 2018 for a final vote. It’s then possible to vote for the No. 1. Now vote here!
Closing Date: 07. September 2018

Award Ceremony:
All the nominees in each individual category will be invited to attend the award ceremony at CHEF-SACHE in cologne on 16-09-2018 and 17-09-2018. The winners will be announced at that time. Actress and presenter Michaela Schaffrath will lead through the Award Ceremony accompanied by Thomas Ruhl and other celebrities. Afterwards the organisers invite guests to attend a grand party.



1. European Champion 2018 – Top 10 In Europe
Who are the best ten chefs in europe? And which one has most impressed you with their inventiveness and depth of flavour? Choose the 10 best European chefs, start with your No. 1.

2. PORT CULINAIRE National Hero 2018
Who is currently the best chef in Germany? Whose menus excite you the most and whose cooking delivers the best overall performance in all disciplines? Choose the 10 best German chefs, start with your no. 1.

3. Trendsetter 2018
Which chef in Germany has inspired colleagues through their inventiveness and taken the art of cooking in new directions? Choose the most creative German chefs, start with your No. 1.

4. Lebenswerk 2018 – Top 10 Liste
Welche/r legendäre Chef/in soll ihrer Meinung nach für ihr/sein Lebenswerk geehrt werden? Wählen Sie ihren Lieblingschef/in zu No. 1.



1. HOT SPOT 2018
Which restaurant, which avant-garde concept has amazed you with its originality and modernity? Choose the most progressive German restaurant concept today, start with your No. 1.

The service in eminent restaurants used to be stiff and distant. Yet a new approach is gradually emerging, displaying a modern understanding of guests and providing a genuinely comfortable atmosphere. This is all founded on the skill of an individual who can create, lead, motivate and instruct a good service team. Which service manager does it best right now? Choose your ten favourites, start with your No. 1.

The establishment and upkeep of a restaurant wine cellar is an extremely challenging task. The key areas of consideration are an ability to meet guests’ tastes, to select wines which correspond to the chefs’ creations and to offer fair, friendly and competent advice. Who does it best right now? Choose your ten favourites, start with your No. 1.



In these categories, only voices from gastronomic companies are counted!

1. BUSINESS 2018
Which producer or retailer is the most innovative, most reliable and fairest in terms of price and service? Choose your 10 favourite businesses in the food sector, start with your No. 1.

Which business personality in the retail, production or service sector has earned this award through their achievements as an innovator, a chef and as a person? Choose your ten favourites, start with your No. 1.

COMPANIES: 2012/2013: Otto Gourmet • 2014/2015/2016/2017: BOS FOOD • GRAND SEIGNEUR: 2012: Ralf Bos, BOS FOOD • 2013: Wolfgang Otto, Otto Gourmet • 2014/2015/2016: Ralf Bos, BOS FOOD • 2017: Johannes King, Söl’ring Hof • WINE MASTER: 2012: Thomas Sommer, Gourmetrestaurant Schloss Lerbach • 2013: Gunnar Tietz, first floor • 2014: Marcel Runge, aqua • 2015: Daniel Kiowski, Victor‘s Fine Dining by Christian Bau • 2016: Billy Wagner, Nobelhart & Schmutzig • 2017: Bärbel Ring, Söl’ring Hof • MR. ODER MRS. FEEL GOOD: 2012/2013/2014: Jimmy Ledemazel, aqua & 2013: Oliver Kraft, Falco • 2015: Yildiz Bau, Victor‘s Fine Dining by Christian Bau • 2016: Barbara Berger, Storstad • 2017: Bärbel Ring, Söl’ring Hof • HOT SPOT: 2012/2014: aqua, Sven Elverfeld • 2013: Becker‘s XO, Wolfgang Becker • 2015: The Table, Kevin Fehling • 2016: Restaurant Tim Raue, Tim Raue • 2017: The Table, Kevin Fehling • National Hero: 2012/2013: Sven Elverfeld, aqua • 2014: Joachim Wissler, Vendôme • 2015: Christian Bau, Victor‘s Fine Dining by Christian Bau • 2016: Jan Hartwig, Atelier • 2017: Joachim Wissler, Vendôme • Trendsetter: 2012/2013/2014: Tim Raue, Restaurant Tim Raue • 2015: Joachim Wissler, Vendôme & Christian Bau, Victor‘s Fine Dining by Christian Bau • 2016/2017: Heiko Antoniewicz • European Champion: 2016: Jonnie Boer, De Librije • 2017: Joachim Wissler, Vendôme

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