Board of Ambassadors

Here at CHEF-SACHE, we are committed to promoting German gastronomy. That means ensuring it gets the national and international recognition it deserves. Because German cuisine is among the best in the world.
That is why we’ve created a platform where we can all learn from one another, exchange ideas, work together and create an environment of continuous improvement.
We’ve invited some of the world’s most innovative chefs to visit us here in Germany and tell us what projects they’re currently working on and what ideas they’re developing. The idea is that they can learn about German cuisine from us and spread the message when they return home.
To support this innovative scheme, some of Germany’s top chefs are acting as ambassadors for CHEF-SACHE. The chefs in question are Thomas Bühner, Sven Elverfeld and Joachim Wissler. Together with them and our media partners, we are now inviting all German and international chefs to our CHEF-SACHE symposium.

Thomas BühnerThe Evolution of the Avantgarde

Thomas Bühner
la vie ★★★, Osnabrück / Germany

The congenial Thomas Bühner has been on a remarkable journey. When he opened La Vie in Osnabrück in 2006, he brought his two-star cuisine mixing modern French with Asian influences to the new venture. In 2008/2009, he began to amaze diners with cutting edge creations that catapulted him into the international elite. Then, a phase followed in which deconstruction became the common theme of his cooking. Flavours were presented in a new contexts, juxtaposing sweet, savoury, sour and bitter tastes. Nowadays his dishes have evolved to be more pared back. They no longer explore all the avenues opened up by a busy creative mind. Rather, they focus on the essential elements. Nonetheless, throughout Bühner’s constant evolution, one aspect has remained the same: his trademark style of perfect execution, inspired combinations and immaculate presentation.

Sven ElverfeldFreedom of the spirit

Sven Elverfeld
Aqua ★★★,
 Wolfsburg / Germany,
Best-of-the-Best Nationalheld 2013 and 2015

Sven Elverfeld is part of the second generation of the great German chefs who freed themselves from previously dominant French influences, focussing instead on German dishes and products and honouring their classic roots. The first signature dishes at the stylish Acqua, where Sven has been head chef since it opened in 2000, were modern takes on German classics, such as handkäse mit Musik (hand-formed cheese in an onion marinade) – a homage to Sven’s hometown of Hanau in western Germany – and cod with pan-fried potatoes and speck. Such dishes are rarely off the menu, along with the Norddeutsche Stulle, or ‘north German open sandwich’, comprising North Sea shrimp and beef tartare with remoulade, lemon and cress.
With his constant drive to discover new taste experiences, Sven has steadily expanded his repertoire of dishes. His menus also reflect previous stays in Japan, Crete and Dubai. Sven cooks what he enjoys. Each dish has its own unique history. ‘Cooking is freedom,’ he says. For Sven Elverfeld, that means freedom of the spirit.

Joachim WisslerThe desire to create something perfect

Joachim Wissler

Vendôme ★★★, Bergisch Gladbach / Germany

No. 47 / 50 Best 2017, Best-of-the-Best Nationalheld 2014,
Best-of-the-Best Impulsgeber 2015

Joachim Wissler’s website provides the following definitions: Creativity – the driving force behind the idea and the attempt to change things. Perfection – the attempt to create something flawless. Experimentation – the courage and the freedom to attempt things that only make sense once you see the results. Curiosity – the drive to experience and understand newness. Authenticity – clarity and uniqueness as the most important criteria in both the new and the well-established. Tradition – the preservation of learning as the most important foundation for the future.
These statements perfectly describe Wissler’s way or working and thinking. And they are reflected in his great tasting menu, which can spring new surprises even on Vendôme’s regular diners. More than any other chef, Wissler represents the creative face of the restaurant scene, its combination of the cutting edge and tradition. He is a pioneer of the movement that has integrated traditional and rural dishes into the repertoire of top restaurants. His milestone ‘schweinekinn’, which even today is undergoing constant reinvention, has become one of the signature dishes of the New German School.

Alexander DresselJeunes Restaurateurs

Alexander Dressel
President of Jeunes Restaurateurs Germany
Restaurant Friedrich Wilhelm ★, Potsdam / Germany

The Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE) is an association of talented young chefs who are devoted to a “never ending passion” for exquisite cooking. The JRE is characterised by its consistent focus on sustainability, seasonal freshness and regional products and its chefs always aim to inspire their guests with passion for good food. Since 1991, as part of the European Association of JRE, the chefs have been working on this special commitment to quality in Germany. Currently, the association has 69 members. Alexander Dressel has been President of the German Jeunes Restaurateurs since 2013 and Vice-President of JRE Europe since 2016. As a chef and hotel manager, Dressel runs the Relais & Chateaux Hotel Bayrisches Haus in the German city of Potsdam. He was awarded a Michelin star in 2004 for his restaurant Friedrich Wilhelm.
Inspired by his time in Italy, Austria and Switzerland, he has refined his creations with a touch of the Mediterranean, as well as with exotic ingredients, using carefully selected and high-quality – preferably regional – produce. His style has been shaped mainly by his visits to Italy and his work with Heinz Beck at “Harlekin” at the Hotel Esplanade in Berlin and later at La Pergola in Rome.