Farm to Plate

Farm to Plate is a new CHEF-SACHE feature.
The chef is no longer the only star of the show. We will now get to meet the producer as well – the person whose hard work makes culinary magic possible. Farm to Plate will detail and document the close partnership that can exist between chefs and their suppliers, such as farmers, gardeners, fish farmers and fishermen. Our partner in this venture will be Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, who for many years have been promoting such partnerships and who in Germany have built up an entire gourmet network.

A fresh wind on the island of Sylt
Valuing provenance – Jan-Philipp Berner,
Söl’ring Hof★★, Sylt

It’s not easy taking over a kitchen from a grand master. At Söl’ring Hof, Johannes King had long stood for modern regional cuisine that won (and still has today) two Michelin stars. Then he was smart enough to hand operations over to Jan-Philipp Berner, and to trust his successor without interfering too much.
The handover went smoothly, as both men know each other well. From 2009 to 2010, Berner was chef de partie at the restaurant before moving to Nils Henkel’s Schloss Lerbach. Then in 2013 he returned to Söl’ring Hof as head chef.
The new boss may be continuing the regional cuisine for which the restaurant is known, but a fresh wind is blowing through the kitchen, from where light and innovative creations are now served. The value placed on provenance is palpable. Where possible, everything is used, even peel and stalks that would otherwise be thrown away. The restaurant’s two stars are clearly in safe hands.