Farm to Plate

Farm to Plate is a new CHEF-SACHE feature.
The chef is no longer the only star of the show. We will now get to meet the producer as well – the person whose hard work makes culinary magic possible. Farm to Plate will detail and document the close partnership that can exist between chefs and their suppliers, such as farmers, gardeners, fish farmers and fishermen. Our partner in this venture will be Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, who for many years have been promoting such partnerships and who in Germany have built up an entire gourmet network.

Avant-garde in traditional dress
Richard Rauch featuring Fleischhauer Robert Buchberger, Steira Wirt, Trautmannsdorf
Post-modern inn culture

In a small village in the Oststeiermark region of Austria, the Steira Wirt inn has for 120 years been the hub of the local community. Servers wear traditional regional dress and the restaurant also has its own rustic drinking den. For anyone who loves typical Styrian cuisine made from premium local produce, the Steira Wirt is a place of pilgrimage. Black pudding, crispy pork fillet and, best of all, offal delivered fresh from the family-owned butchery are all on the menu.
But for several years now, it’s Steira Wirt’s second restaurant, with its creative gourmet cuisine, that has been attracting attention. Ever since the Rauch siblings – Sonja (manager) and Richard (head chef) – took over the gasthaus, the awards and rave reviews have come thick and fast. Working alongside chefs such as Heinz Reitbauer, Andreas Döllerer and Thomas Dorfer, Richard has been focusing on gourmet Austrian cooking. The menu reflects the Alpine-Adriatic region and showcases premium regional produce brought together with style – sometimes in quite unexpected ways.