Heiko AntoniewiczMaster class AEG Taste Academy

Heiko Antoniewicz – Tales of Flavour
Run by our partner AEG Electrolux, the Taste Academy is not your average cooking course. It does not limit itself to discussing the usual array of pre-determined topics, but rather focuses on broader trends. In the past, course leaders have addressed topics such as: “Misfits, cooking with undesireable ingredients” (Christian Mittermeier) or “From nose to tail” (Ludwig Maurer). With “Tales of Flavour,” Professor Heiko Antoniewicz – selected last year at the Best of the Best Awards as a trendsetter – explores the immigration and assimilation of foreign cooking in Germany in parallel to the migration of foreign communities. Featuring a mixture of German, Polish, Italian, Greek and Turkish populations, the “Melting pot” is especially well suited to such an analysis. In another master class, Antoniewicz presents the topic of progessive vegetarian cooking.


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