Ángel León


Cádiz, Spain


Ángel León. Aponiente ***. El Puerto de Santa Maria.

El Chef del Mar.

Avant-garde marine creations.

Ángel León works in the province of Cádiz, near the Andalusian port city of the same name. This is where three ocean regions meet: the Mediterranean, the South Atlantic and the North Atlantic. This leads to an unparalleled biodiversity, inspiring the chef’s avant-garde creations.

His restaurant, Aponiente, was the first Andalusian three-star restaurant and, in keeping with its marine theme, it is housed in an old tidal mill built in 1815, which used to grind grain powered by the tide.

León’s menus are almost entirely devoted to the sea and are served with fantastic visual flair. Herbs and plankton. Sea urchins, sardines and red mullet. Pearl oysters or liver of fish with onions. He developed his extravagant algae creations in conjunction with Spanish universities. León is convinced that, “A restaurant can’t play with the theme of the sea if it has no sea view.” It is very fitting that he is known as “El Chef del Mar”.

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