Arnaud MarchandMaster class with Arnaud Marchand – Boreal Cooking

Arnaud Marchand, Chez Boulay,
Québec, Canada

“Chez Boulay – bistro boréal”, introduced New Nordic Cuisine to Canada. More precisely, it arrived at “France’s northernmost city” on the Saint Lawrence River: Montreal.
Jean-Luc Boulay, an old guard of Canadian cooking, and the passioniate young chef Arnaud Marchand first met while filming a TV show. Together they developed, then opened, a restaurant intended to feature the wealth of products from the boreal region, a zone of vegetation around the Arctic circle that surrounds the city of Québec. The menu features ingredients such as polar goose, bison, lake perch, wild asparagus, celery, and salicornia. The work of the comptoir is equally intriguing, deemed a “boreal patisserie laboratory” by the two chefs. Beginning with a presentation on the main stage, Arnaud will continue with a 45-minute master class on the AEG master class stage.

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