Accreditation CHEF-SACHE 2018

Online registration is no longer possible. You can accredit yourself on the event.

General accreditation rules for press

As organizer of CHEF-SACHE we want journalists facilitate the access to our event and our company with the accreditation. The accreditiation is only for journalistic reporting.

Press accreditation can receive:

1. Owner of a valid press card of an domestic or foreign journalists association without industry regard.

2. Owner of a valid press card of a domestic or foreign professional journalists association with industry regard.

3. Persons of home or foreign countries, which can prove their journalistic (also fotojournalistic) work in the following ways:

a) by presentation of original name articles, which are not older than 6 month at the event

b) by presentation of an original imprint, in which they are mentioned as journalists, permanent editorial staff or authors and which is not older than 6 month at the event

c) by presentation of an original written order of an editorial staff with reference to the event.

d) by means of a weblink to a online publication of themselves, which is established in the community of the event.

e) by presentation of a not more than 6 month old press card of a editorial staff of a student newspaper or by presentation of a valid card of a youth press organisation

A written accreditation before the event is necessary.

The oganizer is allowed to check the verification, also if the journalists presents a press card. The legetimation should be present in german or english. The organizer can demand also a personal identity card. There is no right on accreditation. Possibly the organizer makes use of his house right.