Duangporn Songvisava (Bo) & Dylan Jones (Lan)


Bangkok, Thailand

Essentially Thai, Zero Carbon Footprint Restaurant

No. 19 / 50 Best of Asia 2017

The Bo.Lan, whose name is a wordplay on the chefs’ nicknames and the Thai word for “vintage”, is indisputably one of the best Thai restaurants in the world. And the two Chefs are convinced that such a restaurant can only be found in Thailand. That fact alone would be reason enough to invite them both onto the stage. However, Bo.Lan also tells another commendable story; that of a restaurant that is trying not to pollute the environment with harmful greenhouse gases and unnecessary waste. Zero Carbon – Zero Waste. This makes Bo.Lan a pioneer of a movement that simply has to come to preserve our environment and thus our life quality. Bo.Lan has developed a whole batch of measures to achieve that aim. The approach is based on the use of products coming from the microcosm and macrocosm surrounding the restaurant, thus avoiding long transportation routes and copious packaging. Foods that are produced by farmers in an environmentally neutral, organic and sustainable way – “friendly products”, as Bo calls them. In the project “ERD” – Eat Responsibly Day – the chefs directly address their guests. The aim is to help them develop the habit of eating with a sense of respect for the food every day.

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