Koch und Unternehmer Thomas Buehner live auf der CHEF-SACHE
Thomas Bühner

la vie 

Osnabrück, Germany


The Evolution of the Avantgarde

The congenial Thomas Bühner has been on a remarkable journey. When he opened La Vie in Osnabrück in 2006, he brought his two-star cuisine mixing modern French with Asian influences to the new venture. In 2008/2009, he began to amaze diners with cutting edge creations that catapulted him into the international elite. Then, a phase followed in which deconstruction became the common theme of his cooking. Flavours were presented in a new contexts, juxtaposing sweet, savoury, sour and bitter tastes. Nowadays his dishes have evolved to be more pared back. They no longer explore all the avenues opened up by a busy creative mind. Rather, they focus on the essential elements. Nonetheless, throughout Bühner’s constant evolution, one aspect has remained the same: his trademark style of perfect execution, inspired combinations and immaculate presentation.

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