Elena Arzak


Donostia, Spain

Big Bang of the Avant-Garde
No. 31 / 50 Best, Donostia

Elena’s father Juan Mari Arzak was honored rightly and highly deserved for his life’s work by the jury of 50 Best in 2011. He was the first Spanish avant-garde chef and started reinterpreting dishes more than 30 years ago. That was the big bang of avant-garde cuisine. To this day, Juan Mari is in tune with the times. His daughter Elena was born into this situation. Father and daughter still share the role of chef de cuisine in the restaurant today. A tandem, as they say themselves. Both can thrash about, take the front seat and steer alternating with one another. The restaurant is fully booked for lunch and dinner. Elena works in the kitchen. She tries the food, improves it with great concentration, and smiles now and then. In between, she advises guests in the restaurant. The cuisine is sensationally original, as unique as it is substantial. The taste is intensified by freeze-dried product substances. The concepts themselves are created in the “Laboratorio”, in which the creators can draw on a collection of nearly 2,000 exceptional products from all over the world. Elena will comment on her demonstrations in German.

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