Jan Hartwig & Christian Hümbs


Munich, Germany

One atelier, two artists

Christian Hümbs and Jan Hartwig are a team who came together at Sven Elverfeld’s acqua, where Hartwig was sous-chef and Hümbs worked the pastry section. In 2014, Hartwig moved to Atelier at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, where he went from strength to strength, earning his first Michelin star a year later, and his second and third star in the two years that followed.
Hartwig’s path to success seemed pre-ordained. His parents ran a traditional forest gasthof serving up classic bourgeois cuisine, but wasted no time in introducing their son to Michelin-style cooking. Hartwig’s style is balanced, harmonious and precise. While his creations tend towards modern classic, Hümbs juxtaposes them with daring, avant-garde desserts.
Hümbs is an exceptional patissier. He first came to attention at La Mer as Sebastian Zier’s right-hand man. In 2014, he moved to Haerlin at the Hamburg Four Seasons Hotel. Then came the call from Hartwig. His ‘aroma menus’ are the stuff of legend and he was responsible for putting vegetables on the dessert menu. His TV appearances have since brought him to a wider public.

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