Yoshizumi Nagaya


Düsseldorf, Germany

Citizen-of-the-world cuisine

Go to a restaurant called Nagaya, where the head chef is Japanese, and you’d think you’d know what to expect. But think again. Yoshizumi Nagaya’s cooking certainly has its roots in Japan, as evidenced by the fantastically fresh seafood and vegetables and by the clarity and simplicity of presentation. And of course his chefs are well trained in Japanese knife skills and cooking techniques.
But Nagaya’s menu reflects the juxtaposition of his Japanese heritage with his new home in Germany, resulting in ‘citizen of the world’ cuisine characterised by finesse and an obsession with perfection. Nagaya’s tuna sashimi may come straight from Japan, but his Breton lobster with cherry tomato or his tarte Tatin couldn’t be further from the Far East.
Nagaya was born in 1971 in the city of Gifu. In the year 2000, he came to Dusseldorf with his wife Jun and three years later they branched out on their own. Today Jun is head of service.

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